Saturday, August 8, 2009

His true nature ...

Look at this photo:

Remember the little incident at Harvard where a woman called the police to report a man breaking into the house across the street from her? The resident of the house is the man walking with a cane, a professor at Harvard. The man assisting him down the stairs is a police officer who responded to the breaking and entering call. The pair are at a White House beer summit, organized by the messiah to improve race relations (stop laughing).

Note who is helping the elderly professor down the stairs. Yes, the guy who arrested him a few weeks ago for disorderly conduct. Note who is utterly ignoring the elderly man's need for assistance.

The man in the front wants to change health care. He will change it by encouraging people like the elderly man who uses a cane to seek end-of-life health care counseling. He secretly hopes that people like the elderly man who uses a cane accidentally fall down the stairs and die outright from their injuries (it would be counterproductive for that person to survive that accident, 'cause that would cost more money to treat him or her).

To me that photo says much. It shows what a narcissist that other people voted into the White House. I did not vote for the man. I have too many questions about his character and thus far, any concern I had about his character is coming to pass.

As far as I am concerned, 2012 can't come fast enough. Yes, I will do my best to ignore some birthdays between then and now, but I truly hope this country survives what this man wants to do TO US (not FOR US) in the next few years. There needs to be a purge of congressional incumbents in 2010 and seriously, this nation needs to get back to the principles it was founded upon.

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