Sunday, December 7, 2008

here's an idea

All this talk of the messiah's "job programs" in green technology is so laughable if it weren't so pathetic. Where will these workers come from? Ah, probably from the same pool of people who are looking for work already ... bet it's not going to get a single person off of welfare, because we do not have the infrastructure to train anyone. Will these jobs be of a livable wage? Or is this another excuse to open the southern border?

I do have an idea for the chosen one. There are plenty of perfectly good middle-aged people out of work, yet for some reason companies keep hiring younger people with less experience, or in the case of the high tech industry, cry about how they can't get qualified workers and import engineers and such from India and China. How about this: let's give employers a financial incentive to retain and hire older workers? We already know we can't trust American business to do the right thing by U.S. citizens, so how about offering those business some sort of tax break for every worker over 45 that they hire or retain? Even those green technology jobs? "Old" dogs can learn new tricks, and some probably learn a lot quicker than a 20-something!

Oh, I'm sorry, that would be a tax break and we don't want businesses to have anything like that during the messiah's hopefully short rule.


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