Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am a fanwank girl!

Torrey Mitchell—A reason to watch the Sharks again!

I've made no secret that I'm rooting against the San Jose Sharks in the NHL postseason. I think management is greedy and I know they'd planned to raise ticket prices in the offseason, no matter how far the team went into the postseason. And for the first two games at San Jose, I got my wish. I have more of an attachment to Teemu Selanne and Ryan Getzlaf than to any SJ player.

Until today—Torrey Mitchell's back! I was immediately torn! Did I still pull for Anaheim, or was I now pulling for Torrey?

Torrey broke his leg in the preseason (I believe) and if I had to have a favorite Shark, it was Torrey. As you can see by his photo, he's cute. I also like his gritty style of play and he's a fast agile skater.

At any rate, SJ won tonight. I'm still really pulling for Anaheim unless Torrey's on the ice.

Yes, you may call me a fanwank superficial girl who picks her favorite player based on his looks and style. It took me a year to find him, but he's not played enough to be what I know he is.

Perhaps come October I will be able to root for the Sharks without reservations. Or maybe not!


Muzik Girl said...

He's a hottie. I need to start going to Sharks games!

Des said...

Dear oh dear oh dear. Really, you have to learn to let go. Don't let your animosity toward and loathing of the millionaire owners blind you to the happenings on the ice. Are you telling us that you don't want to see long-suffering Patrick Marleau win the Cup? As for your purported attachment to Ryan Getzlaf... wash out your mouth with soap, young lady!

Admittedly there are few as tenacious as Selanne when going in to the corners, but I want to see the Cup in Marleau's hands and I want to see a grin on the mug of the Big Swede Murray.

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