Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why Didn’t He Do It Two Weeks Ago?

It will never happen in wackjob California, but yesterday the Governator announced his proposed budget cut plan … and I agree with most of it, actually!

He proposes eliminating CalWorks, which in theory should be a beneficial program, but in reality is a big fat waste of taxpayer money.

As I understand it, illegals themselves don’t get the living allowance check (it’s given to their citizen anchor baby children) so the parent can go to school and eventually support the family. Of course U.S. citizens are eligible for the program, and it seems that there are a lot of single moms using this program.

I have no problem with single mothers trying to benefit themselves, though they really should have thought about exactly where there life was and where it was headed before they made a decision to have a baby. Thing is, from what I know about CalWorks, they are training people to do jobs that just aren’t abundant. Medical billing anyone? Doctor’s office technician (nurse’s aid)?

The Governor also proposed deep cuts to the “Healthy Families” program, which is supposed to be a preventative health program for the children of working poor. I would like to know more about the demographics of this program—are the parents of these families here legally or not? Being born in the U.S. should not mean automatic eligibility for a welfare check. Yes, the kids of a family whose parent(s) are really trying to make it should receive assistance (but I’ll say it again—look at where your life is and where it’s going before you elect to have a baby!).

Another cut was for non-emergency care for illegals. WTF? They got non-emergency care? My daughter is currently uninsured and needs to see her ortho surgeon for some simple maintenance, but she can’t. I knew illegals got emergency care, no questions asked, because I used to deliver that health care (and their anchor babies).

Of course the raging Dem state senate and legislature will never allow any of this! If deep cuts to welfare programs had been part of the California budget, I’d have been more likely to vote for those tax increases. But nothing was cut … Dems demanded their pet social programs remain untouched.

But face it, the people who are working are being bled to death! When they start to flee the state in great numbers, what is our economic base going to consist of? Oh yeah welfare queens with absent baby daddies who are busy cooking meth and impregnating other young women.

Yeah that’s going to work.

I wish Alaska wasn’t so darn cold. I understand there’s plenty of opportunities for people who want to work …

P.S. Don’t get me started about the newly-nominated Supreme Court justice. Oh my. Nothing is more out of control than a Latina in a position of power. 


Muzik Girl said...

Oh Lord, you're gonna get me started. Wait, am I not allowed to talk about God either? LOL I agree wtih you 100% on all of the above. What I'm most pissed about is that I have to pay $200 a month out of pocket to maintain my own crappy Blue Shield health insurance. Why can't I get federal or state assistance? Is it because my parents were in a higher tax bracket? Well guess what? They're not anymore. And they won't be getting social security cuz that's about to run out. Man oh man, you got me going.

Des said...

I assume you read this a week or so ago; if not, you should and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement (except for the stem cell reference):

CaliGirl9 said...

I wonder what political alliance most of the voters in that "special election" were. I'd mentioned on another blog that I did not see the gangsta hood rats hanging around my polling place like they were in November ...

I wish Ah-nold would have stuck with the stem cell stuff ... now we have a wackjob administration that is controlling enough that I fear they'll financially reward "breeders" for those potentially highly desired stem cell lines.

As always, thanks Des!

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