Sunday, June 7, 2009

sick kitty

My little girl cat, Cammi, is a bit under the weather and took a $350 trip to the vet on Saturday. She started vomiting on Thursday night and she's really not been much interested in food since then.

She had lab work drawn, which will be back on Monday afternoon. Poor baby also got 100 ml of subcutaneous fluids and a shot of Reglan. She's going to get Reglan twice a day. Earlier she ate about a tablespoon of Tiki Cat tuna and then some tuna juice and a few flakes of people tuna, which she upchucked about an hour later. 
Poor tiny thing is crying and just wants me to make it better.
I sure hope she gets to feeling better soon. Bless her sweet little heart, she's miserable and I'd happily take her place. I'm easier to reason with. She doesn't understand how important it is that she eats. I'm going to get some plain Pediaylte tomorrow and try to sneak that into her. She's not even interested in Gerber baby meats. Yes, she's a sick kitty! 

I'll sneak into work on Monday morning so I can take her back to the v-e-t if need be on Monday afternoon.


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