Saturday, March 7, 2009

... and they lose yet again

One of my favorite Sharks players, and a damned fun interview, Scott Hannan, now suffering with the Colorado Avalanche.

I chose a photo of Scott, a good BC boy who grew up near Vancouver, in honor of the Canucks' victory over the Sharks tonight.

I believe what is happening is a relapse of Dr. Shark. Dr. Shark is a longstanding tradition in San Jose. It is a cure for a team in a slump or trying to prove something. It tends to happen with a team that the Sharks should be able to beat. The Minnesota Wild were beneficiaries of Dr. Shark and their boring playing style. I'm not quite sure what happened tonight, but on Hockey Night in Canada, defenseman Dan Boyle (who now wears #22) confessed that the team was pretty much asleep.

I do hope Rob Blake's foot isn't too badly hurt. Feet stuff are ... painful. And hard to treat, too.

Back is improving. I've been misbehaving and doing quite a bit of sitting at my desk editing master's theses for SJSU students. The bruising is a little more widespread but I think it's resolving. The facet pain is utterly gone, and I am nearly back at my normal pain medication pattern of use (evening and night pain).


Des said...

Another gutless, heartless, energy-free performance by the Sharks. Unlike you I'm a fan of the home team and I'm as frustrated as can be! I thought the addition of Moen might increse the intensity level, but it hasn't yet.

Enjoy your Sunday.

CaliGirl9 said...

I was really hot on Moen, and I think he will end up being a much better trade-day acquisition than Guerin or Campbell were. Perhaps his mind is still in Anaheim with his wife and 10-day old baby? Moen may not put up the numbers in the playoffs, but he's the third line guy the Sharks need—been there, done that. Still can't believe Anaheim traded him to a division rival!

I guess I'll find a way to root for the home team when I find a player to get attached to. I like Torrey Mitchell, but he's not quite enough for me to root for the team 100% again. I went through this when Ray Whitney was waived in 1997. Owen was still enough to keep me interested, and then when Owen was traded, Scott was enough to keep me interested. Now I just don't have anyone ...

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