Sunday, March 22, 2009

back to work ... feast or famine

My neurotomies worked well enough that I'm back to working 10-hour days—when I have work. I have two big but well-written projects I'm working on that I really want out there. No, I didn't write them, but I'm editing them. One is a study about something called "green" taxes and the second about attracting students to transportation planning. The green taxes one is quite interesting in that there actually is support for higher taxes on higher-polluting automobiles. 

I've been using light rail to get to work as my back doctor suggested I avoid driving my 5-speed Mustang. I hate to admit it, but I do love the convenience of light rail, and the short three-block walk to work is just enough exercise to get me fully awake and ready to work. AND it's cheap!!!! 

There are only two bad things about light rail: the first is the SJSU students who take over the light rail cars and seats and spread out over two seats, preventing anyone else from sitting down. There is signage at six seats which are supposed to be reserved for the elderly and disabled, but I've not seen one SJSU student give up one of those seats. One day there were a pair of 'em on the seats, with an empty seat between them that contained their backpacks. I told them to move the backpacks, that I was disabled and I was going to sit there. Period. I shouldn't have had to ask.

The second scary thing is my light rail stop is by a city park that the homeless and displaced hang out at—many camp there, sleeping on benches. Thus far I've not been approached, but I sure wouldn't be walking through that park during anything but broad daylight!

I promise to get back on the political agenda. I am simply gobsmacked at the crap that comes out of our president's mouth. This week he made a remark about how his bowling game was par for a Special Olympics game. He apologized, but imagine if George Bush had said it! He'd be dealing with impeachment proceedings right now!

This afternoon: Colorado Avalanche versus Sharks. Avs truly suck and as much as I'd like for them to upset SJ, I just don't see it happening. Darn it.

On a more serious note, four Oakland police officers were shot in the line of duty yesterday; three died and one is clinging to life. Prayers of strength to their families. I did write a post about this tragedy on Trials & Tribulations. Just sad. 


Des said...

1. IMPORTANT: Yesterday at a memorial for the piece of garbage who shot the officers various Oakland residents and hangers on explained that the killer was largely blameless because he was a product of a racist society. I was offended into apoplexy. The hypocrisy is surpassed only by the idiocy and the offensiveness. I could say so much more, but I'll refrain.

2. Much LESS important. Don't be a Sharks hater. Support the home team! Would you rather see the Red Wings win ANOTHER Cup? (If the answer is 'Yes', I can't help you.)


CaliGirl9 said...

Hey Des

I plan to whip up something for the T & T blog and maybe here concerning those officers and the human scumbag who murdered them. I really don't want to think that 60 people (the fools that showed up at Mixon's "memorial") represent the majority of black people. Black people should be appalled; why isn't our wonderful teleprompter-in-chief expressing public outrage? Answer: he wishes he has the street cred of the dead gangsta. Puke.

I was watching last night's late news and a feature about the preparations for the service was on, and I sat there and cried like a baby. Why didn't the president send a representative, heck send Biden, send anyone from the Cabinet. Show us you care, you idiot. Gah, thinking about it raises my blood pressure. I didn't vote for the fool ...

Actually, I want a Canadian team to win the Cup this spring... I think it's high time they get their turn. Maybe I can be comfortable rooting for the Sharks when Torrey Mitchell returns. Remember, I am a fanwank girl who is able to watch hockey objectively, and understands the game, but I also devote my rabid fanhood to individual players. I think with my ovaries a whole lot *wink*

But NOPE, don't want the Dead Things to repeat. Nope, nope, nope!

Des said...

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (no kiddin') had a vigil at the site of two of the murders and described the human detrirus as "a soldier, a true hero". That'll really help relations between Oakland residents and the P.D. It's truly astounding that people can be so poorly educated and superbly indoctrinated.

Have a good weekend. (How about Setoguchi? He's a good kid.)

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