Sunday, January 18, 2009

All Coronation, all of the time

I honestly can't remember this much bullshit leading up to an inauguration. There are "inauguration specials" everywhere.
Of course this is a "historic" inauguration.
Aren't they all?
I remember laughing at the Carters walking down D.C.'s main drag, waiving madly at the gathered crowds and thinking "how silly."
I remember Reagan's inauguration and feeling hopeful ...
I remember Bush I and feeling okay about it ...
I remember Clinton and thinking "oh no... we are in for a rocky ride." Little did we know ... out of that administration would come a new definition of how "sex" is defined.
I remember Bush II and thinking "well, I did prefer McCain, but okay ..."
I hope to forget the feeling of doom I'm feeling with January 20, 2009 so near.
I confess to being angry enough at Bush II one time during his eight years that I considered re-registering as an independent. That was during the Terri Schiavo fiasco, when he brought the government's business to a halt while legislating more torture for that poor woman. I don't exactly love the idea of Iraq, but withdrawing now is equal to Vietnam II. A bit less respect for the U.S. on the global stage ...
Could someone please wake me in time for the 2012 primaries and election?


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