Thursday, January 22, 2009

So the coronation is over ...

I am certainly glad I did not visit one of my worksites yesterday. I was going to go in and catch up with a coworker I haven't seen since the end of October, but sort of thought I might be walking into a raging dem celebration with the big screen TV in the main conference room blasting the goings-on in D.C. I did that visit today and learned from another co-worker (who is a Reagan Democrat who has voted Republican ever since) that she just about went nuts with all of the "partaying." Yes, the big screen was going full blast, people were wandering around the office eager for the change to come, and yes, even watched the idiots disrespect Bush.

It was nice to learn that there are two of us in that office. The upper management pair are lifelong democrats who have served in elected office; one was finally termed out of a supervisor's job. The marketing person is a raging dem. My friend I was visiting claims to be dem, but when we talk about politics, we rant and rave about the same things, which makes me wonder is she really a dem or am I really a Republican?

But she swallowed the Obama kool aid and doesn't care if there are all of the unanswered questions about his background and character.

Anyway, I gave my newfound ally the link to Sweetness & Light and told her it might be a good place for her and her Republican husband to hang out the next four years or so, with a community of like-minded people who are asking the questions, waiting for the answers, and *not* drinking the kool aid.

I also learned that a television crew showed up at one of the community colleges and took video of kids sitting around cheering the coronation. Big effin' deal. Dumb kids, I doubt many will ever see the light.


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