Thursday, February 5, 2009

Four months of back attack is nearly over!

After dealing with a back attack that started around Halloween, I finally have an appointment for a bilateral two-level rhizotomy on March 2.

There are some laughable observations and errors in the comp physician's report that I need to have corrected, but luckily I have been a bit too busy to deal with that. But there are things that need correction—I did not hurt my back as a result of having a seizure, as in "I" had the seizure. It was an inmate that was found to be faking seizures that caused my injury as I tried to make sure he didn't suffer an injury. The comp doctor also thinks there is no reason I should still require pain medication nearly 20 years later, so he wants comp to stop paying for that too! I'm on the stuff I'm on because I had a bleeding gastric and duodenal ulcer in 2001 because of NSAID use. For me, there are too many side effects from this family of medications.

Medicine nowadays is a joke! That doctor has never met me, and he went off on a "drug addiction" tangent, listing signs of drug abuse. Good lord, I lost my sister due to a combination of prescription and illegal drug abuse. I'm sure as hell not going down that path!

Fortunately my surgeon is a level-headed guy who also knows how to work the worker's comp system.

Still, it angers me that people like me who have legit injuries are looked at as malingerers, while the story about the woman in Whittier who had the octuplets unfolds and it is revealed she's been getting comp disability benefits for nearly 10 years, and in that period of time she managed to have 14 kids! WTF?

More on her when I have the time.


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