Friday, February 13, 2009

Who will pay?

I‘ve been bad again in ignoring this blog. Earlier this week I dragged myself to work (and learned it’s easier to take light rail to work instead of driving!) and for the past couple of days dealing with a weather-induced exacerbation of back pain.

I am hoping the needles and rhizotomy on March 2 puts my back out of sight out of mind for a few months.

Yesterday I decided to write up an entry on the Trials & Tribulations website about the Nadya Suleman case. She’s the goofy Angelina Jolie wanna-be who just had a litter of children while unemployed, living on food stamps, disability, social security and student loans and living with her parents. I won’t repeat what I wrote there, but encourage you to go to T&T and read it yourself.

You all know I do not believe that government is the teat that nourishes all. I also do not like the idea of the government butting into medicine. I mean come on, look how stupid so many senators and house members are about finance, housing, taxes, and well … everything! Imagine those idiots making decisions about our medical care. I shudder to think …

But Nadya Suleman has unfortunately made it necessary for the government to further butt into reproductive medicine. I believe this is what will come of this debacle (and the second debacle of quads currently residing in the uterus of a 49-year old woman who used donor eggs—and this woman has no health insurance either! Guess who her doctor was … yeppers, same nutcase doc as Suleman!):

1. The number of embryos implanted will be strictly limited by maternal age and past reproductive history. Any IVF pregnancy that results in a bad outcome will become the physician’s responsibility. The law will be written in such a way that the doctor will be protected if he or she refuses to stick an obscene numbers of embryos in a uterus. There will also be an increased emphasis on looking at a woman’s psychological reasons for wanting children, especially someone who already has children.
2. I predict that women/families who pursue IVF will be required to prepay insurance premiums that will ensure health care coverage during the pregnancy and postnatal period. For the life of me I can’t understand why a doctor would impregnate medically indigent women and know they could not afford to pay the bills associated with the pregnancy or were covered by health insurance. I am sick of paying taxes in this state that encourage irresponsible and predictable behaviors.

Angelina Jolie can birth and adopt as many babies as she wants because she isn't asking for any sort of government assistance. Angie signs the checks. Nadya Suleman is not Angelina Jolie. Period. She's simply a nutcase.


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