Friday, March 27, 2009

Hollow words

Funeral services for the murdered Oakland police officers

I was at work today, so I did not watch the funeral service for the four Oakland police officers. The whole thing is just so overwhelmingly sad, and then I was talking with my only sane co-worker (conservative Republican, a rarity in the Bay Area) about who was on the dais eulogizing those officers.

Here is the short list: Dianne Feinstein. Barbara Boxer. Oakland mayor Ron Dellums. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. Liberals all. People with a history of hamstringing police and their rights to keep themselves safe while keeping US safe from the likes of Lovelle Mixon (may he rot in hell).

A family of one of the murdered cops asked that Dellums not speak, and unlike most politicians, he listened.

Those cops were doomed. Mixon was better armed than they were, and of course cops aren’t allowed to pull a gun until then see a threat to their safety. But an experienced thug like Mixon is no doubt quick on the draw, and it is said that following the traffic stop, he popped out of the car’s sun roof and opened fire. The officers didn’t have a chance. Mixon’s sister claims to not have known her brother was in her apartment, yet cops utterly defenseless when he popped out of a closet with an AK-47 ‘a blazin’.

Thanks liberals for making sure a thug’s rights weren’t violated, but the rights of seven children left at home while their daddies went to work and never returned are of no consequence. Worry more about the convicted felon lowlifes than the parents of the murdered officers. Don’t hurt the feelings of any street punk, but it’s okay that there are wives who are clueless as to what they will do without their husbands.

Oh but Mixon had a family, too. Yeah, a family that enabled him and probably glorified his gangsta lifestyle which probably afforded them many benefits—electronics, guns, good drugs. Heck, Mixon’s sister is in jail on drug charges. What a fine fine family! Not one gave him up when the probation officer came looking for Mixon after he’d missed three visits. Not one of his family members told him to get rid of those guns.

And this is beyond a black, white, Latino or Asian issue. It’s simple to do the right thing. Just don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself as far as the police are concerned (how often have YOU seen a street thug standing at the corner, wearing well-tailored pants, leather shoes and nicely groomed? I rest my case.). And if you happen to be in a demographic group that the police look at BASED on that group’s history, do your level best to NOT do what your group does. It’s wrong to assume that Latinos are lazy and that a black person will rob you blind. But it’s pretty easy to believe when that’s all you see.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the president to make a stand. Instead, he sent a nice little bunch of words of condolences, they were wonderful men, they made us safe, they gave up their lives, blah blah. Well Mr. President, why didn’t you say you were outraged that they were killed by a convicted felon? Why didn’t you say that you and your administration will make it a priority to restore some powers to the cops that will help keep them safer? Encourage those groups of people who cry about profiling to work on changing their group behavior. This is far beyond just a color issue. We have at least three generations of of people who expect government money in the mail so they can stand around and do whatever it is they do. The welfare state of mind permeates our nation, and I don’t see an end to it. THEN wack jobs in Oakland have the nerve to put on a “vigil” for Mixon and claim he was a victim and what Oakland PD did was “genocide.” At least only 60 people showed up to that one, showing me that the majority of black people in Oakland do indeed have a conscience and an sense of outrage. There is no way they want to live they way they have to—in fear, afraid to speak out against criminals.

Sorry, it wasn’t genocide. Lovelle Mixon left a son somewhere that he was not paying child support on. The cycle continues.

I will try to put together something less passionate and more objective on T & T. For now, I’m pissed.


Des said...

Thank you again. I mean it.
I work at a University in CA, one filled with ultraliberal wack-jobs (now THERE'S a surprise) and I'm sick and tired of listening to how rich white males are evil, poor blacks are persecuted and held down, and taxes need to go up so that we can provide food and heath care for illegal immigrants. I mean, has the whole freakin' State gone nuts? And then I get my answer with the events in Oakland and the subsequent abject failure of anyone other than you to say the right thing. And my ex-wife wonders why I want to move our son out of California...

CaliGirl9 said...

Des, we are doomed. For nine years I've been providing editing services to a university research foundation. Everyone at work is liberal with the exception of one co-worker. Everyone else at work are tax-and-spend Democrats, though they believe who should be taxed to death are corporations, and that providing food, housing, education and health care are indeed the job of the government.

I sure hope that the kool-aid drinkers soon come to their senses with all of the crap that's going on. I'm still livid that our teleprompter in charge didn't send a more strongly worded message to the funeral of the four officers.

Imagine if Rudy Guiliani had been president right now—I am sure that he would have sent a message that may not have been "politically correct" but would have said the right thing. OR he'd have tried to attend the service himself ...

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