Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scared Moderate Female: The concerns of a middle-aged underemployed moderate Republican female

I figured it best to wait a couple of days after Tuesday's election to start this blog, just to make sure this wasn't some sort of knee-jerk reaction to what happened in the United States on November 4, 2008. 

Yes, what happened is historic, but in more ways than one would think of at first blush.
I have no problem whatsoever with a black president, but honestly, I figured that person was going to be Colin Powell. Truly a man of integrity, he transcends color and race for me. He was hung out to dry by Bush and his administration and I hate that. Colin Powell is the only reason I voted for Bush in the first place.

I live in a county and city that is heavily populated with democrats—and so many are just blind democrats, spewing party rhetoric just as offensively as ultra-conservative Repubs. When I have discussions with friends about my political beliefs, I have things in common with both parties. I'm pretty much socially liberal but fiscally conservative, and I believe that there are some things government needs to go (highways for example) but things government doesn't need to do (legislate morality).

I'm socially liberal in that I'm pro-choice but not pro-government pays for unlimited abortions and lots of welfare babies! Let gays and lesbians do what they want, as long as heterosexuals have the same rights—that includes insurance benefits to co-habitating couples, just like in a "domestic partnership." My attitude is that God will take care of it Himself someday in His own way... He has given us free will though I am sure He's not too crazy about the idea of humans going to war over in his name.

I'm fiscally conservative in that taxing working men and women to death is no way to go either, and that's what scares me most about Obama. "Spread the wealth" is socialism plain and simple. He should have said "Spread the opportunity." I'm fine with people working hard and reaping the benefits of that hard work. I'm not fine with welfare baby mamas with multiple kids and multiple baby daddies sitting at home waiting for the check to come in the mail. 

I'm for securing the southern U.S. border immediately, but I am realistic enough to know that rounding up every "illegal" isn't feasible or really desirable. I look at this as a huge opportunity to keep the cream of the crop as far as undocumented people are concerned. Send the ones who have been involved in the criminal justice system back where they came from. Even the 14-year-old MS-13 drug runners in San Francisco who have had a field day because of that city's sanctuary city policy.

Automatic U.S. citizenship just because a baby is born here has to stop too, but I don't expect that's going to happen in the next four years. 

I'm a fifth-generation Republican who is different from her father and paternal grandparents in that I don't hate black people with a vengeance like they did. I have worked hard to earn a bachelors and masters degree after suffering a career-ending work-related injury 20 years ago this coming spring. And I remain unemployed and ineligible for social security because I manage to pick up enough non-benefitted contract work so I can pay rent but little else.

I am worried for my future and the future of like-minded individuals who may be in the same place as I am. I'll use this blog to think out loud (sort of!) and four years from now, I hope my pessimism is all for naught.

But I doubt it. 


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