Saturday, November 22, 2008

so, Mr. President-elect, what job are you creating for me?

The LA Times has an article discussing how the messiah's economic aid plan will create 2.5 million new jobs by 2011. According to the article:

"The plan would include jobs rebuilding roads and bridges, improving schools and building alternative-energy technologies. Details are to be worked out in the weeks to come."

Does anyone else notice that each of these jobs require able-bodied people? So much for "creating jobs" for older people, or disabled people.

Actually those jobs don't need to be created, laws "protecting" us from discrimination due to age and disability need to be actually enforced, with it being easier for the wronged person to bring attention to the employer's prejudices. Even if age or disability discrimination remains hard to prove, perhaps if there was a nice fat file of continuing hiring prejudice with an employer, the authorities already in place would be able to do a bit more for people like me—good brains, abilities, and a desire to do a good job and to earn a living wage, but an inability to build a bridge ... or much of anything requiring an able body.

Someday I will talk about the perfect job that I actually did for 2 1/2 years as contract work, but when it came time to hire a permanent person with actual benefits, I was passed over for a 15-years-younger, less-qualified person of a non-white ethnicity. It is impossible for me to even initiate some sort of investigation as to why someone less qualified was given the job ... 

P.S. Going on two weeks of this back attack. Two more weeks until I see the doctor ... 


Patricia said...

You can always contact the DFEH. They have to look into these things. They're the ones that gave me the "right to sue" my former company. You should at least look into it. These companies need to be punished for their discrimination!

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