Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rantings ...

More on Saturday's entry about the Santa Clara killings ...

The perp, Jing Hua Wu,  is a Chinese national who has been in the United States for over 10 years yet still identifies himself as "Chinese." And according to an article in today's SF paper, he and his wife have collected 19 investment properties worth an estimated $2.4 MILLION. In an earlier article, he was said to have earned $110K in the first six months of 2008, and had been fired WITH CAUSE but with a generous severance package. 

AND he has TWO PUBLIC DEFENDERS! When he was arrested on Saturday, he claimed he was too poor to hire an attorney!

The SF Chronicle says:

According to public records from eight counties in three states, Wu and his wife own at least 19 homes and vacant lots worth more than $2.4 million. One house in Arkansas, which is now being offered for rent by Wu, is in Hot Springs Village, the largest gated community in the nation.

...But Wu, after his arrest in the Friday slayings ... told the Santa Clara County pubic defender's office that he could not afford a private attorney, officials said.

The whole story is here:

Isn't it amazing that Wu was willing to take what the United States had to offer, a great job and the ability to buy INVESTMENT property, still identify himself as a Chinese citizen AND when the time comes, does the all-American thing and claim poverty and ask for a public defender? Would he have had half the opportunities the U.S. offered him in China?

He has three anchor babies too.

If he'd done this crime in China, he'd already have been tried and awaiting his date with the executioner, and his family would be billed for the bullet. 


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