Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai attacks

I have been wondering how long it would take for an attack on Americans, albeit that attack was on Indian soil.

As I type this, 101 people are dead and 314 are wounded. Of the dead, 11 are police officers. Nine gunmen (attackers) are dead.

Most of the people killed or being held hostage are Americans or Brits. I have not yet read "who" is responsible for the attack but I suspect it's the same old same old for that region—Moslem extremists. And I also believe this is a rehearsal for a similar dress rehearsal on on British soil, or perhaps Canadian, and then the grand opening will be in the United States. 

Are our borders secure? Do we know who is here and who is coming in? Ah, we don't. We are trusting Canada is doing its job, and we know Mexico is of course doing its bang-up job of keeping its borders secure. Besides, what is there to blow up of consequence in Mexico anyway?

Thus far the U.S. response is guarded and measured. No call to action yet. We are of course having our own problems with the economy and with the transition to the messiah's "government," there is simply no way we as a people are in a position to protect ourselves from what is to come. 

I honestly believe that indirect attacks on Americans abroad will escalate. Perhaps nothing of the scale in Munbai, but enough that we should be aware and careful. After the coronation, it's anyone's guess as to the first attack, a la our Marines who were killed in Lebanon, or the USS Cole , just to see what the messiah's response will be. Of course with Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State, it will be a strong statement about how we are all pissed off and we are going to go to the UN and ask for the offending nation (nation of the terrorists origin) to be reprimanded. Next attack, ask for UN sanctions. Let's talk it over and find common ground. No action, lots of talk. Just like hubby Bill did so many times in his 8 years, finally culminating in 9/11.

Unfortunately there are times the American people expect to be protected by our government but it might end up we need protection from our government.

I have been busy all week writing up community college propaganda. Once that's off my plate I will have more time to share my fears.

Prayers to those lost in Mumbai. I hope the Indian government is able to act swiftly and give what those terrorists have coming to them. Though no doubt those involved in the attack are just dying to become martyrs for their cause.


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