Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things I am happy about as a result of this month's elections

There are some things I am happy about following last week's election.

Even though I knew my presidential vote was utterly wasted in California, there were some propositions I felt strongly enough about to research and ultimately vote upon. 

Proposition 1A, the high-speed rail bond act, passed. I know that right now isn't the best time for California to be spending a dime, but our state is known for its innovation and our environmental consciousness. I like to look at it as an opportunity to create oodles of new jobs, and also gives California a chance to be an actual leader in embracing the use of high-speed rail. Heck, there are trains all over Europe and Japan. It's embarrassing how underutilized trains are in the U.S. as far as moving human beings is concerned.

Proposition 2, standards for confining farm animals initiative, also passed. Of course agribusiness is squealing "foul" and threatening to leave the state. I say those animals who produce our food and become our food deserve better treatment during their time on Earth. I have already given up eating veal because of the cruelty. I don't eat foie gras either, but for a couple of good reasons. One, it's icky and two, I can't afford to eat it!

Proposition 4, parental notification prior to minor daughter terminating a pregnancy, passed (aren't we Californians getting tired of voting on this one?). I know this is an issue where traditional Repubs and I are far apart.

My previous job was that of a registered nurse. I know that not every teenaged girl has a wonderful kumbaya relationship with her parents. I probably would have snuck off and not said anything to my parents in fear of what my father would do or say (teenage girls were sluts, and he was certain I was having sex with every boy in high school even though I didn't date a single one!). My mother would have been an ally but at what cost facing up to my father? 

Yes, it's hypocritical that you have to sign a permission slip for your kid to receive an aspirin at school. However, the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy (or an irate parent learning of that pregnancy) and the potentially more dire consequences of parental anger (or more) if the young woman wants to terminate her pregnancy makes this a bit of a no-brainer.

On the other hand, as this young woman is waking up from anesthesia, she needs to receive a nice little Norplant contraceptive implant in her inner upper arm. Abortions are no laughing matter ... 

Proposition 8, eliminates rights of same-sex couples to marry, unexpectedly (in my opinion) passed. Honestly, I would have thought that all of the people voting liberal democratic would have just gone along with this one. I do not understand how people who were not bothered by Obama's "spread the wealth" and  embrace his idea of required volunteerism for middle-through-college students could not grasp that this is the same as a civil rights thing. I'm guessing the problem is the word "marriage."

Goes to show you what happens when an improperly educated populace votes.

At my polling place, there were people who voted way too quickly. I had my sample ballot filled out and it still took me a good 2 or 3 minutes. While standing in line, my daughter observed that people simply voted for president and then left the remainder of the ballot blank. 

An open-minded friend told me why he voted yes on 8. He pointed out that gays and lesbians in "domestic partnerships" already have a right he does not have. He cannot get his live-in girlfriend on his health insurance. He stated, "when I have the same rights as they do, I see no reason to prohibit them from marrying. Just don't call it marriage." 

I can't say as I blame those who were against Proposition 8 for their protests. It worked for civil rights in the 1960s. What I do think is stupid is celebrities like Melissa Etheridge saying she's not going to pay her state taxes 'cause she's not properly represented in Sacramento. Well if she can do it, so can I! Who are the politicians looking out for me? You know, the ones who are fighting age discrimination, discrimination against disability, and discrimination against being ... white and female and NOT 25 years of age? (In the coming weeks I'll talk about a job I didn't get, one I was 100 percent qualified for, and the person hired is unable to do over half the things required in the job description, yet she is ... Latina.)  I didn't vote for the guy who will be occupying the White House for the next four years, he certainly won't be representing me in any way, shape or form. Best I take care of myself and my meager income by not paying taxes so I can keep a roof over my head, pay for my medications, and have some milk and bread in the apartment. 

Proposition 11, redistricting, barely passed (but at least it passed!). This is so long overdue! Let geography & a region's economy play more of a role in drawing district lines. How can anyone in their right mind think that it's fair to attach an area whose economic base is agriculture to one that is in another industry? And face it, without agriculture, California is in big trouble. The way that district boundaries are currently drawn, agricultural regions are sadly underrepresented. How can anyone think the needs of the Salinas Valley are the same as the needs in Santa Cruz? Even though there is agriculture in Santa Cruz county, most residents seem to forget about the broccoli and strawberry fields in Watsonville.



Tragic Comedy said...

I take it you are a republican. It is blatantly obvious that you have Zero tolerance for anything having to do with democrats. Probably look at them as social parasites.
Wouldn't go so far as to say you are a strong Bush Supporter, but I would say you think he did better in 8 years than Obama will in 4.

I am guessing if you didn't vote for an independent such as Nader, than you probably voted for McCain.
Definitely age discrimination is necessary in this one: 72, prior cancer, health is not the best; Really want that guy in office with Palin as the alternative?
American people were in a bind on this election.

Noted: You said California was had "Environmental Consciousness". Are you serious? Or was that Sarcasm? I am hoping the second.
Definitely too many incompetent voters out there. People that voted in less than 2 minutes probably didn't learn anything about the other offices being voted upon. Most probably didn't do their own research beyond CNN,FOX, or headline (CNN run) news to get their information. That is sad.

Noticed you are not a fan of affirmative action, neither am I. It is a joke.

Prop 8 mess: big fucking joke. Honestly, if people are that Christian they will vote against same sex marriage. However, I believe in the Separation of Church and State.
Honestly, this country was founded on the principles of allowing people to practice any religion of their choice, why is this even a voted on matter?
Same Sex Marriage should be allowed its pretty plain and simple. I don't support it, but I am definitely not vote against it being that I am not a Christian. Christianity is a joke.

Great blog. Very forward and opinionated.

CaliGirl9 said...

I am not known for my tact LOL

California is as environmentally UNconscious as it can get. The HSR is a bit of a start, problem with public transportation is that it all too often goes nowhere.

In the community I now reside in, we have a light rail system. Can you believe there is not ONE community college located within walking distance of light rail? It's close to SJSU though... and parking at that campus sucks, so that's a good thing.

I did indeed vote for McCain, though I confess I liked the 2000 version a whole lot better. I am probably the only Repub who doesn't think Sarah Palin is a good alternative for 2012. I might change my mind if she perhaps finds herself in the Senate and gets a bit more international experience.

My vote for McCain was with my fingers crossed that he has the best medical care money can buy, and that he surrounded himself with the cream-of-the-crop Cabinet and advisors so if worst came to worst, there would be SOMEONE super well-qualified to "advise" Ms. Palin. You know, like when Henry VIII died and his young son Edward took over but really he didn't—his uncles and other "advisors" did.

I'm a huge fan of the website Sweetness and Light. I wish I could be as clever and informed as that blog writer is ...

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